Applications Due October 9



Please complete the following questions about your nominee to the best of your ability. These are very competitive award categories and a good, concise, and well-written nomination with specific examples is key to communicating the qualifications of a candidate to the Selection Committee. 


Each application is scored by three members of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will assign points based on your answers such as the nominee goes above and beyond in their role, what is their impact on your property or fellow associates, and if these claims are effectively backed up by supporting examples.



  • All short answer questions will be graded so please make sure to fill out the application in its entirety
  • Make sure to select a category from the drop down menu
  • Complete the form all at once, there is no way to save and return to the form
    • It is strongly suggested that you type your answers in a separate document prior to completing the form and then copy and paste into the fields below to submit
    • This will allow you the opportunity to fine tune your responses before submission and to keep a separate record of your submitted answers
    • Answers¬†do not need to hit the word maximum
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