San Antonio has long been a premier travel destination and is known as a favorite of visitors from around the world. These visitors, and the hospitality industry they support, produce a number of economic benefits for the city.

  • The industry provides a large number of both part-time and full-time jobs in dozens of occupations, including culinary, customer service, administration, finance, maintenance, marketing and human resources.
  • Visitor spending impacts virtually every corner of the local economy – sports, food service, transportation, cultural events, healthcare and much more.
  • The presence of so many visitors helps promote a vibrant and diverse cultural and social atmosphere that is attractive to San Antonio residents and visitors alike. Many of the amenities and attractions that San Antonians take for granted are available to them only because these attractions are also supported by millions of visitors.
  • Because visitors bring new dollars to San Antonio, their spending has a multiplier effect. Each dollar of visitor spending generates approximately one additional dollar of income for San Antonio as the effects of this spending work their way through the local economy.
See below for a full report on the economic impact of the hospitality industry in San Antonio.